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Now Introduces our newest used-gold program:

        "Preferred Private Gold Scrap Recovery Services"
                                This Service is for Individuals, Companies & Dental Professionals*

                    *For dental scrap in lots of 3 ounces or more, or gold jewely scrap of 5 oz or more.

Dental Scraps & Old Gold Crowns, Silver & Platinum

Proudly serving the Nation's Dental Community
Accurate Assays, all the time, everytime!

Why allow thousands of dollars of used-gold be given away?  

You, the Dentist or Dental Lab have real value in your dental scrap!
Do not let biased guessing (on the part of a weigh & pay guy) take your value!

We set the Standard on Accuracy! We don't guess and we don't make dubious offers,
We treat each batch as a unique order & pay based on the Actual Assay!

Try us, we are a small but excellent resource for those seeking accurate value for their "used-gold" scrap.  

Email used-gold a question!  We are here to help!    

Used-gold.com is dedicated to making our dentist clientele the very best return for their scrap gold, silver, palladium and platinum.  Now Open to the General Public as well. 

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